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Unknown Howl

The Unknown Howl, is an Beast/Monster entity that ressembles.

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Axølotl (Axolotl)

Axølotl, also known as Attempt to Immortality, Cure to Death, etc. is an entity, and an Semi-or-Nigh-Giant made by RANDOMstuff_Animations.

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Cave Snatcher

A creature made by Striker The Folf.

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The Unknown Howl or Dog.png

Unknown Howl, sometimes known as The Unknown Dog (Name given by probably Stickman stuff content makers) is an Beast/Monster entity that ressembles, and is an Dog/Wolf/or even a Wolfdog! It is an Interdimensional and Radioactively-Contaminated being. But it can be an failed experiment too. It is an very strong, big and Semi/Nigh-Powerful entity, probably. The creature is Semi/Nigh-Malevolent (It needs to hunt humans, animals [except Dogs, Wolfs, etc.] and any another weaker or smaller being than it to survive). It is an RANDOMstuff_Animation's Creation (Have been created by RANDOMstuff_Animation's)

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